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Sell your mailing lists with power tools from NextMark

Do you sell mailing lists? NextMark can help you grow your list business. Choose from an integrated suite of power tools that help you reach active mailing list buyers when they are making their purchasing decisions. These tools have been proven by more than 700 list management firms to succesfully promote more than 60,000 mailing lists.

"Bravo to NextMark for building list marketing services for the 21st century! Finally, systems that will help us market our files better. I could tell they were developed from a list manager's perspective because they are easy to use. It has made our jobs so much easier; it's like having another sales person on staff."

-- Paul Martin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Atlantic List Company, Arlington VA

Publish your data cards for free with MarketMax SE

Your first step in selling your mailing lists is publishing your data cards. NextMark's MarketMax SE is a FREE system that enables you to publish your data cards where it matters most. With it, you will instantly publish to NextMark's far-reaching network of websites and mailing list research systems. And it also streamlines the process of updating all other major mailing list directories. Get your Free MarketMax SE Account

Activate your website with MarketMax Pro

Turn your website into a powerful sales tool. Make it easy for your website visitors to find the mailing lists they need with MarketMax Pro. With it, you will instantly publish your data cards to your website. Learn more about MarketMax Pro

Advertise your mailing lists with ListAlert

With the ListAlert Broadcast Service, you will reach thousands of active mailing list buyers with your latest news and special deals. Reserve Your ListAlert Broadcast

Highlight your mailing lists with the Preferred Provider Program

The Preferred Provider Program helps you get better ranking in mailing list search results and special recognition on your data cards. Become a Preferred Provider

Put your mailing lists on top with Contextually Targeted Advertising

The Contextually Targeted Advertising Service puts your mailing lists on the top of every search performed by users of the NextMark List Finder, the NextMark List Brokerage System, and the A+ Lead Finder for Learn More about Contextually Targeted Advertising

Get better sales leads with the Mailing Lists Lead Referral Service

Don't you hate cold calling? Wouldn't you rather spend your time with people who have already said, "yes, I want your mailing list."? That's exactly what you get with NextMark's Mailing Lists Lead Referral Service -- you get high-quality list management and list brokerage sales leads plus the tools you need to convert your sales leads into satisfied customers. Learn more about the Mailing Lists Lead Referral Service

Process your mailing list orders more profitably with OPS

The Mailing Lists Order Processing System streamlines your mailing list order entry process. You can create a new list order with the click of a button. And it handles all the exotic pricing arrangements and reports you need. Learn more about OPS

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