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About NextMark

NextMark's name is a portmanteau of "Next Generation of Marketing." Our mission is to help you successfully reach your market. We provide information and technology that powers the market for mailing lists and make it easy for you to buy mailing lists, sell mailing lists, and learn about mailing lists.

NextMark currently indexes and tracks more than 74,000 mailing lists from 1,200+ sources -- representing practically every vendor and every list on the market. Our solutions have been proven through more than 4,000,000 mailing list searches and 75,000 direct marketing campaigns for thousands of catalog merchants, retailers, fundraisers, politicians, banks, telcos, entertainers, broadcasters, publishers, and other organizations that reach their market directly. NextMark is your proven solution.

You get innovation

With NextMark, you get continuously improving products and services -- providing more than 60 software updates in the past 5 years alone! NextMark has delivered a wave of innovations in pursuit of its mission to help marketing professionals to "Reach Your Market":

  • Built biggest and most up-to-date index of mailing lists in the world -- covering postal lists, email lists, telephone lists, insert media programs, and more.
  • First to apply modern search technologies to the problem of finding mailing lists
  • First to deliver mailing list search results ranked by relevance to search criteria
  • First to enable list managers to create and maintain their own data cards
  • First to rate the quality of data cards
  • First to provide a freely available mailing lists search tool
  • First to syndicate access to mailing list information through websites such as Direct Magazine, Multi-Channel Merchant, and the Direct Marketing Association.
  • First to track the popularity of mailing lists
  • First to identify correlations between mailing lists using actual purchasing behaviors
  • First to deliver a fully integrated mailing list research and order entry system
  • First to electronically transmit mailing list purchase orders between list companies
  • ... and much more on the way!

Most of these innovations are yet to be imitated. The US Patent and Trademark office has recognized the value and novelty of these inventions by awarding two patents on core technologies:

You get experience

NextMark's management team has a proven track record of delivering some of the biggest and most secure marketing systems in the world:

  • Joseph Pych, Founder and President
  • Scott Chilcutt, Vice President in charge of Marketing Information Network strategic business unit
  • Chris DeMartine, Director of Business Development
  • Lisa Salley, Account Director
  • Joni Frederick, Account Director
  • Debra Johnson, Client Success Advocate
  • Kirt Johnson, Director of Software Engineering
  • Casey McClay, Client Service Manager
  • Wei Shen, Senior Software Engineer
  • Amy Swindell, Senior Business Analyst
  • John Swindell, Director of Client Services

NextMark's Board of directors is comprised of experts in startups, marketing and technology:

  • Mike Caccavale is founder and CEO of Pluris, Inc., a firm that provides guidance on marketing strategy coupled with high technology implementation.
  • Tim Litle is a member of the Direct Marketing Association's Hall of Fame, runs Litle & Co. which ranked #1 on the 2006 Inc. 500, and is an active advisor and investor in the direct marketing industry.
  • Carl Novotny is Managing Director of Venture Capital Fund of New England, a fund providing equity capital to emerging technology companies in New England.
  • Jeffrey Pollock is the president of MerchantBanc Venture Partners, a venture capital firm that invested in NextMark in its seed round.
  • John Rizzi is the CEO of e-Dialog, Inc., a leading full-service precision email marketing company.
  • Ted Spiegel is President of Spiegel Marketing Associates and General Partner of The Callahan Group, both specializing in strategic planning and marketing.
  • Joseph Pych serves as the board's chairman.

You get industry leadership

NextMark is an active contributor to the direct marketing industry. Its contributions to marketing education have been recognized by the Direct Marketing Education Foundation. NextMark is an active member and adheres to the guiding principles of these industry groups:

You get financial strength

NextMark is profitable, cash positive, and financially conservative. We are from New Hampshire where farmers grow corn out of granite rock. This pioneering spirit drives us to deliver great technologies faster and more cost-effectively than you might otherwise expect. This allows us to profitably deliver products and services to you at a reasonable price.

And NextMark has the solid backing of investors that are committed to the direct marketing industry including CEI Ventures, Turtle Hill Ventures, MerchantBanc Venture Partners, Venture Capital Fund of New England, and prominent individuals.

Any questions?

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