About The Mailing List Finder

The Mailing List Finder aims to help you to find those elusive "perfect" mailing lists for your direct marketing campaigns. It gives you free access to expert information on more than 60,000 postal, email, and telephone mailing lists from more than 1,400 vendors -- virtually every mailing list available.

Your success depends on mailing lists

Mailing lists are at the heart of every successful direct marketing campaign. Marketing experts agree at least 40% of direct marketing success depends on mailing lists. The lists you choose will determine whether your marketing investment brings back the promised sales or gets thrown away with the "junk mail."

The mailing lists you choose will determine the success of your marketing campaign

But a good mailing list can be hard to find

Without the right tool, it's practically impossible to find the best lists. So, many marketers just throw up their hands and reorder the same old lists even though they never worked very well before.

Finally, a tool to help you find the mailing lists you really need!

The Mailing List Finder gives you access to virtually every mailing list available. Your search will reveal which mailing lists are the most relevant, most popular, least expensive, largest, and most up-to-date.

You will get expert information on every list including counts, pricing, popularity, highly correlated lists and more.

Find high quality mailing lists

Unlike other websites and tools, you are not limited to a single source. With The Mailing List Finder, you'll find uniquely-sourced response lists from multiple list owners with the highest ethics and quality standards. Each data card indicates the source of the data, the freshness of the data, and the list owner's privacy policy: opt-in, double opt-in, etc. This will help you reach people who are happy to get your message (and are more likely to respond, too).

Proven by hundreds of expert mailing list media buyers

The Mailing List Finder is powered by NextMark's award-winning mailing list search technology. Thousands of expert mailing list media buyers have proven this technology delivers superior results. In fact, it has already been used to successfully complete more than 5 million searches and 100,000 direct marketing campaigns.

Here's what you'll find inside...

Expert information updated daily on 60,000+ specialized mailing lists from more than 1,400 sources, including:

Start your search right now - no hassles

You don't need an account or a password to use The Mailing List Finder. Simply enter your criteria above and press the search button. Your search will reveal the mailing lists you are seeking. Or, add the free marketing widget to your web site or blog.

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