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Learn About Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are at the heart of every successful direct marketing campaign. Experts agree at least 40% of the success of your marketing campaigns depend on your choice of mailing lists. The mailing lists you choose will determine whether your marketing investment brings back the promised sales or gets thrown away with the junk mail.

The mailing lists you choose will determine the success of your direct marketing campaign.

Glossary of mailing lists terminology

When purchasing your mailing lists, you will be confronted with industry terms such as "/M", "Net Name Arrangement", or "Exchange Balance." The Glossary of Mailing Lists Terminology will help you understand these special terms. Learn more

Articles from experts on mailing lists

Learn from seasoned experts through a library of articles to help you in your quest to get better mailing lists and better marketing results. Learn more

Educate your students on mailing lists

The Direct Marketing Education Foundation ("DMEF") and NextMark have jointly developed an education program to enhance your students' learning experience by providing a tool for completing class projects that involve selection of mailing lists for direct marketing campaigns. Learn more

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